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Gu Sensi stop the hands of chopsticks, he was thinking of this sentence is to whom. Corridor came the elevator arrived, "bite" out, and then the elevator doors opened, the Gu Senxiang walked toward the door. Mother quickly greeted by two steps, grasping begin a series of "Oh Xiang Xiang, ah, you do not say how home late, ah, a girl home, which is more dangerous ah, you're not Sensi ......" Gu Sensi eating dinner in the hall, did not stop, but the ears actually verbatim pass into the mother's words. Father "Hey," smiled toward Sensi bowl clip a piece football jerseys china of Pork. Gu Sensi raised his head toward his father grinned brilliant smile. Then he stood up, toward the door shouting:. "Sister, come on." Senxiang sat down, his mother shut the door, just sit down at the table, and immediately got up and went to the kitchen. Senxiang back and shouted: "Mom, you still doing it, come eat." The kitchen came the mother "is to come and" the answer. After that, the mother carrying a steaming platter came out, put back football jerseys on the table, look at the inside are two carp. "Come on, eat hot, hot pot with just been placed, has been waiting for you to come back ah, the cold." Gu Sensi chopsticks in the air to stop for a little while, and then extended to the dish boiled lotus root. Gu Senxiang frowned stared at her mother, then stretch chopsticks belly meat on a large piece of fish into the care of Sensi's bowl. Gu Sensi raised his head, his mouth chewing rice, vaguely, "Oh," smiled and said, "Sister, you eat, do not give me a folder on my own." "Of course you know yourself and you only know yourself! You look toward your sister and more ......" sit across from mother simmering voice. "Mom!" Gu Senxiang from under the table and gently kicked her mother. Gu Sensi bow clinging to a bowl of rice. Did not say anything. After dinner, Gu Senxiang stand up and be helped to close the bowl, was the mother sternly refused. On the grounds that "you do not have to close on here, I will close, and you go into the room to read." Gu Senxiang nodded and walked toward the room, walked half think of it, opened the bag, took out to buy a cup, "Mom, just buy the way back, you pour a cup yesterday when it is not broke." Mother wiped her hand on her apron, took her daughter fed to stretch past the cup, smiling eyes narrowed in a line, and turned to see sitting on the sofa long legs stretched out on the coffee table Gu Sensi face immediately collapse down. She sings Gu Sensi said: "Sure enough, people are right, the daughter is the mother's personal treasure, how to be more warm heart warm heart, unlike birth to a son, where I can think mom ......" "Now that you have sent me to Thailand, ah, it's not late." Sensi unthinking sofa over there took care of the sentence. "You!" Mother took a deep breath, a flushed face, instantaneously. "Mom! This cup is Sensi told me to buy, I simply thought it was Sensi reminded me he had no money, called me football jerseys for sale to buy you another thing all right on the chaos chatter of people ah ......" "Oh you do not defend him, and he could want to get up? Him one day being able to afford the thing I wanted to sweep the graves on a daily basis to go." Mother back into the kitchen, his mouth read incessantly. "Mom ......" Gu Senxiang also want to go, then exit, he was interrupted by Gu Sensi, Sensi grinned at her and smiled and said, "Do not care for her and you go faster to read." Gu Senxiang walked over to him knelt down, and my heart was like pouring lemon juice again. Brother held out his hand, gently holding her up. Gu Sensi see half crouched in front of his own Senxiang did not respond, looked down to see her, she lifted her head, eyes a little red. Sensi football jerseys cheap index finger on her chin pick pick, saying, "beauty." "Handsome." Gu Senxiang gently laugh, raised his hand and rubbed his reddened eyes. This is a boring game Gu Sensi invention. The end game is always Gu Sensi a finger, make a contrived POSE, then said, "Well? Do you know me?" But today Sensi care for a new pattern, he contrived to tease tease bangs, said, "I'm sorry I got the wrong person." Gu Senxiang Shua have to stand up, take the sofa cushions hit in the past, a series of smashed seven. Then turned back to the apartment. Gu Sensi win the cushions from the head, for god's mouth slowly collapsed, smile disappeared in the increasingly sharp face.